Monday, January 10, 2011

Hello! =)

My mom has one of these blogs and has been telling me I should start one too. I thought it would be something fun to do so here I am! My husband, Torry, joined the Army and left for basic training back in September. He graduated basic and now he's at AIT (his job training) in Virginia. Last night he told me that his duty station is going to be GERMANY! After he told me I had a mini freak out lol. I'm feeling better about it now after talking to family and friends. I am still pretty nervous and scared but also excited to start a new adventure!

I have SO many questions. What do we do about our washer and dryer? My mom said they have different outlets over there .....What do we have to do to get our dog over there? I have a yorkie and there is no way I am leaving him behind =) .... How am I going to fly on a 13 hour flight all by myself with a baby? .....Do they have the same shows that I watch here on tv over there? .......How am I ever going to learn the money or the language???? I just have so many random crazy questions. I sure do hope somebody mails me something lol.

I am extremely excited to travel and see everything over there. My dad was in the Army and he has been to Germany and he told me that we can take a train and go see Spain and Italy and France. How amazing will that be?! Also, I drive a Volkswagen Jetta and I'm sure the parts for it will be cheap haha =P. So I am trying to focus on the positives of moving to Germany and not so much on the negatives. It's hard and it's scary but hey, WELCOME TO THE ARMY! right? lol =)

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